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“Been Around The World And…”

Well… not quite around the world, lol.

I will start though with what happened while I was gone (for almost a month I think) – Sorry.

Life got really busy and I couldn’t sit down for one second and write in my blog.

I still wrote tons but in my notebooks 😀

At the start of the month. my friend came to me and said she wanted to go for a trip, not around the world like in the song but around the country. I took out some cash and packed my little suitcase. She grabbed her car and came for me in the morning next day.


We slept in cheap hotels and inns.

She took pictures for her book and I wrote tons of poems and even some stories ideas, yummy 😀

It was so nice to get away from everything and everyone and just be there and travel and write.

I hope she and I will be able to do this again!

So I hope with renewed energies, I will be able to deal with life better and stick to writing in this blog and maybe put out some story ideas into action – maybe!

Have a great Sunday.

Kira x


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