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Baby Steps


Planning, planning and doing:)

I am one of those who like to plan, everything, only this year I want to plan it differently.

I read somewhere that planning with baby steps is the best way to plan something, especially when it’s a big project like writing a book.

So here are my baby steps for writing a children’s book:

1. Finish what i have started.

Write att least 3K words a week (I can do that, easily).

As I write, ask as many questions as possible.

Draw the map.

Draw or collect images that resemble the characters (I saw a great character board).

2. Read what the first draft with fresh eyes.

Take notes of al that needs changing.

Do the research if needed and add it to the story.

3. Edit the book.

This is far away in the future, so not thought about that yet 😀

Kira x


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