Figure Things Out



A short vent…

I am trying to figure things out for me as writer. What do I want and how to get there?

It seems as if writing a book in our days is the easy part, but publishing had become more than just a writer’s book.

Now I have to achieve something I could never achieve in my entire life and that is, being poplar.

It truly make me laugh when I think about it.

I need to be a popular social networker and to put myself out there, and that an agent or a publisher will ask me in my query letter how many followers do I have… Is this for real? what happened to the writer as being considered as a writer and storyteller and not by his/hers popularity.

self publishing is nice but what do you when you do not have any money to start rolling it, so I guess publishing now had become a company of money and popularity.

I wonder where do I fit in, in all of that?

I am just trying to figure these things out.

Sorry for the moody post.

Kira x


5 thoughts on “Figure Things Out

  1. Being a writer these days involves more than just the story. You’ve got to have people who will read them. They don’t necessarily want a new writer to come in the door with a following, but it will help. However, they’d like writers to take the initiative to create a following. They don’t necessarily want to be the ones pulling all the weight when it comes to publishing and marketing your books.

    That said, I know how you feel when it comes to being unpopular. I have never been popular, yet when I started this journey, I as determined to be myself. People found me, and they stick around. Some are writers, some readers, some are poets, and I’m still just as unpopular with my network of ‘real’ (I’m referring to friends from high school and people I’ve met in person) friends.

    Sometimes you’ll find the best people you meet will be people you may never meet in person.

    My best advice is to be yourself, write about what you want to write, and in time, people will come to you.

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  2. That is so sweet of you, to comment on what I wrote and Thank you so much for the advice as well. It’s much appreciated ❤
    You are so right, as sometimes online friend can be better than any real friend I will have.
    About the publishers, I do understand from where they come from, but it is a bit annoying as well, lol. I hope that when the time do come to publish my work, I will be able to show something more than my writing to all that will need it (agents, publishers).
    Kira x


  3. Odd, I didn’t get notified of your reply.

    You are doing the exact same thing I’ve been doing. Just be yourself, show people your writing, who you are, etc., and they will come to you. I agree it is annoying to an extent, but even the best writers are big on keeping in touch with their readers, Maggie Stiefvater is a prime example. It helps readers feel involved, like they matter. 🙂

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    1. Yeah i guess you are right and I know I have a lot more to learn of this buisness, but I am deep into learning it. It’s nice to have great bloggers like yourself here, thank you 🙂

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